Buddha Magic TV Provides both Free and Paid Multimedia for Fans of the Thai Occultism Niche. Buddhist Rituals and Ceremonies, Kata Chanting, Myths and Fables, Gods and Devas, Thai Buddhist Amulets, Animist Sorcery, Black Magick and Necromancy, Khmer Sanskrit Script, Sacred Geometry of Yant, Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, Thai Ramakien, Sacred Botany.

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We provide free enjoyment of Short Video Documentaries about Thai Buddha Magic on Our YouTube Channel. A vast area of subjects are covered, from the Thai Ramakien Myth, Stories about Gods and Devas of the Thai Buddhist and Animist Pantheon, Ritual Ceremonies, and Kata Chanting Tutorials.
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Buddha Magic Ezine

There are currently 5 Issues of Buddha Magic Ezine Available. One Ebook on Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos. A new Ebook is currently being prepared for release covering the topic of the Wicha Saiyasart Lanna and Lanna Amulets.


We make and publish podcasts on iTunes on the Buddha Magic Podcast Channel. The iTunes Buddha Magic Podcast Channel is focused on the Thai Ramakien Tale and explaining various kinds of Black Magic found in Thailand

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